Wednesday 6/11 6:00PM

Tractor and Truck Pulls

Farm Stock 4,500

Farm Stock 5,500

Farm Stock 7,500 pace

Farm Stock 7,500 non-pace

Farm Stock 9,500 pace

Farm Stock 9500 Non-pace

6,500 Street Legal 4X4 Trucks

4,500 Hot Stock

Thursday 6/12 6:00PM

Tractor and Truck Pulls

7,800 Modified

Mod Turbo 8,500

6,200 Modified 4X4 Trucks

Pro Stock 6,200 (2 Hooks)

9,500-10,000 Hot Stock

10,000 Pro Farm

5,500 Hot Stock

6,000 Hot Stock, non-turbo

Friday 6/14 6:00PM


Tractor and Truck Pulls

Farm Stock 11,500

Farm Stock 13,500
Farm Stock 15,500

                                        Street Legal Diesel 4X4 Trucks

Enhanced Farm Stock 11,500

Enhanced Farm Stock 13,500
Enhanced Farm Stock 15,500

Open Turbo Diesel Trucks

Stock Semi Trucks

Hot Stock Semi Trucks


Track Length 300ft


For Complete Rules Go To
New Penn Jersey Tractor Pullers' Website

New Penn Jersey Tractor Pullers Assoc., Inc.

Any Question Contact

Wayne Auchenbach

@ 610-730-4820 AFTER 5:00PM


Saturday 6/14 12:00 Noon

SANCTIONED 4X4 Modified Drags




Any local truck w/current inspection, registration and driver's license.

For Information contact Jake @ 610-298-8556

County Line 4X4 Roughriders